Understanding Trauma: Insights from Experts

In the field of trauma therapy, four well-respected experts—Janina Fisher, Deirdre Fay, Paul Gilbert, and Andrew Rayner—have come together to share…
Written by Bruna P.

Personality, Dissociation & Compassion in Traumatized Clients

In the field of trauma therapy, four well-respected experts—Janina Fisher, Deirdre Fay, Paul Gilbert, and Andrew Rayner—have come together to share groundbreaking methods for helping clients who have experienced trauma. They explore complex topics like personality, dissociation, and compassion, focusing on how these factors shape the experiences of trauma survivors. Covering everything from managing fears and vulnerabilities to unique techniques like personified practice and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), this article offers a detailed look at the latest approaches in trauma therapy.

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What is trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event that leads to shock and denial. Traumatic events are experienced in different ways and can involve any type of event. Not only can trauma change the brain, but it can also compromise the immune system, increase mental and physical health stress, decrease trust, create attachment difficulties, generate hyper arousal and develop rigid and chaotic behaviour. Therapists can help people find constructive ways of managing their emotions and overcome the damage caused by traumatic experiences.

Phobia and Vulnerability

Presented by Janina Fisher
Child abusers take advantage of their victims’ vulnerability. Children don’t have the power to escape or fight back, their only defenses are submission and dissociation as they have no choice. These strategies are safe in a threatening and unsafe environment, but they become obstacles in treatment. Therapists aim to help clients in processing memories and emotions by addressing the client’s phobias and feelings. Together they explore how the client’s dissociative mechanisms preserved their ability to survive and adapt.

Compassion in working with trauma and dissociation

Presented by Paul Gilbert
The central therapeutic technique is a training that teaches the skills and attributes of compassion. A compassionate mind helps transform problematic patterns of cognition and emotion related to anxiety, anger, shame, and self-criticism.

Approach of the Compassion Focused Therapy: treatment of DID and OSDD

Presented by Andrew Rayner
Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is a treatment used for dissociative identity disorder (DID) and other specific dissociative disorders (OSDD). Individuals suffering from such disorders lack the security of attachment and tend to reflect on problems related to a perceived threat within the conscious experience of the self. This generates disturbances in both internal and external relationships.

Embodied practices to resolve triggers

Presented by Deirdre Fay
Getting triggered is one of the unfortunate events in life, especially with trauma attachment wounding. Past emotions and sensations intrude into the present and create undigested feelings. Embodied Practice helps clients in transcending past experiences, enabling them to distinguish between past and present. In this way, clients acquire the ability to let go of the details of their past and learn to focus on their bodily sensations to better live the present lives.

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Written by Bruna P.
April 10, 2024
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