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I’ve always believed that the psychotherapy training is a complex process that involves different aspects. I created an environment where …
Written by Giuseppe Sanna

Since I was at the Specialising School in Psychotherapy after University, I knew I would have had to study all my life. Like every Professional in the health field, psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors must continue to study lifelong. Living in Italy, I had to go several times to the US and the UK to learn from the best Experts in the world. After that, I realised that many colleagues couldn’t do that for many different reasons and so I created a Company and started to invite the best Experts in the world to teach in Italy.

Psychology Courses online, offline and much more

I organised workshops, psychotherapy training, conferences with thousands of participants.
I’ve always believed that learning is a complex process that involves many different aspects.

I tried to create a very casual environment but with the best experts. I tried to make the psychotherapy training and the workshops, and the conferences a professional experience and a personal experience.

During the Psychotherapy Training, the workshops, and the Conferences, I constantly introduced the Speakers in an informal and friendly manner.

Several times they were hugging me in front of the participants before the start or at the end.

Sometimes we have made jokes.

We had music during the introduction of the speakers and at the breaks. I was personally selecting the soundtracks. I was trying to talk with the participants as if the psychologists and psychotherapists there were my guests at my home.

This can sound a bit extreme, but I could see the incredible effect on the participants, the speakers, and me.

It was not unusual to have during the breaks or at the end of an event long lines of people waiting to tell me some excellent feedback, and many of them with tearing eyes full of gratitude.

Gratitude has always been reciprocal.

Many of them were coming to all our events even if they had to travel four thousand miles.

After a few years, we organised several psychotherapy training, workshops, conferences also in UK and US.

BACP Accredited Courses (CPD and CE Credits)

Between the BACP accredited courses, our courses were chosen not only for the CPD or CE credits but also because of the atmosphere that psychologists and psychotherapists were experiencing while learning in front of the best experts in the world.

When we started to organise courses in UK and US we had to learn many new things. It was not easy at all. We made mistakes, and we tried to repair those mistakes.

We had financial problems, but we always did our best and put all our efforts into the psychotherapy courses we were organising.

Counselling courses in London, Philadelphia, Rome, Tokyo …

We would have liked to organise also counselling courses, but then the Pandemic happened. We had two years planned with in-person classes, Psychotherapy training on different approaches, Workshops, Conferences in London, Philadelphia, Rome, Tokyo, and then we had to migrate everything online. It has been challenging for several reasons.
The first reason was financial. There has been a significant revenue contraction; we had to organise everything online. Then the online has been an opportunity for many others to start to organise courses with great speakers with no risks due to the venues or travelling and so on.

This led to a rising of an incredible number of companies doing the same thing.

I spent the first year trying to understand what to do. Then I had the idea of creating www.psychotherapycourses.com. Another company that does the same things as the others?
Psychotherapy Courses is my website. I want to recreate the same atmosphere we had during our psychotherapy training, workshops, or conferences on this platform.

I am starting slowly, introducing some webinars I like, organised by my first company ISC International (I am now only an international advisor of ISC).

I am also trying to find new great speakers who could give the best to my colleague’s Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

My idea is that well-being is a chain. We need to take care of our colleagues, and they will do the same with their clients and in their life.

Caring for each other is the most important thing for us.

I am happy to have started this journey with all of you.

Written by Giuseppe Sanna
April 8, 2022

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