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Courses, webinars and training for psychologists and psycotherapists

Video courses
for psychologists and psychotherapist

Interested in taking a journey with us, learning new approaches and perfecting your professional skills? Discover our video courses, available to watch (and rewatch) any time you want, all the times you want – from your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Access all the benefits of advanced training from the comfort of your home or professional practice.


Ron Siegel | Mindfulness and Compassion Practices in Psychotherapy

2 Lessons 7h 26m ENG

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy is the most popular new treatment approach in the last decade—and for good reason. Mindfulness and compassion practices hold great promise not only for our own personal development, but also as remarkably powerful tools to augment virtually every form of psychotherapy. They are not, however, one-size-fits-all remedies.


Schema Therapy in Action

10 Lessons 4h 10m ENG – FRA

In this 10-video course, Dr. Carmelita works with an actor to show the best way to face struggles that arise with complex patients, demonstrating how to apply classic and advanced Schema Therapy procedures and integrate them with interventions from other approaches.


Schema Therapy Step by Step

25 Lessons 16h 29m ENG – FRA

This 25-video course offers a step-by-step explanation of the Schema Therapy model and describes how to carry out assessment and therapy using this approach. Two exercises are also shown – an imaginative exercise and one with chair work.

for psychologists and psycotherapists

If you’re looking for a focused overview around a specific topic or approach, book yourself into one of our webinars. Join us live on the day, or just watch (and rewatch) the recorded session any time you want, all the times you want – from your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Tune in from the comfort of your home or your professional practice.

Mindfulness, Compassion, & Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: What Clinicians Need to Know About Non-Ordinary States | Ron Siegel

11h 41m 56s ENG

You will learn how to use mindfulness and self-compassion practices along with other techniques to harness these healing mechanisms, while also gaining the knowledge necessary to help clients who might be experimenting with psychedelics to integrate and grow from their experiences.


Revolutionizing Trauma and Addiction Treatment with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ | Jan Winhall

5h 31m 22s ENG

Our current model of understanding addiction as a brain disease is failing. Rates are soaring and people are dying in the streets. We desperately need a fresh approach.


Interpersonal neurobiology how to make psychotherapy effective with Daniel Siegel

13h 3m 51s ENG

Can we describe a ‘healthy mind’? In everyday life, we feel and think, remember and perceive, based on the flow of energy and information. When we …


Healing Traumatic Wounds: A Brief Therapy Model For The Treatment Of Trauma Janina Fisher, Ph.D.

7h 0m 51s ENG

Neuroscience research has conclusively established that trauma results in a ‘living legacy’ of enduring nonverbal effects rather than a coherent narrative.

Jonathan Baylin, PhD

Jonathan Baylin | Applying The Polyvagal Model To Increase Patients’ Emotional Self-Regulation

7h 0m 58s ENG

In this two-part webinar, Dr. Baylin will first explain how the polyvagal model connects to emotion regulation and the processes of shifting between states of openness and self-defense.


The Resilience Mindset: The Neuroscience Of Coping With Disappointment, Difficulty, Even Disaster

9h 45m 29s ENG

Dealing effectively with challenges and crises is the core of resilience and well-being.


Les Greenberg | Resolving emotional injuries & Undoing emotion blocks

3h 13m 3s ENG

This workshop will present an emotion-focused approach to resolving emotional injuries in the 1st day. In the 2nd day will present an emotion-focused approach to unblocking blocked emotions.


Webinar in Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy: beyond the recovery from trauma

19/21 March 2021 ENG – ITA

​​The Still Face Paradigm and the mechanism of mirror neurons are two foundational principles of Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy (MIMT): as a matter of fact, both of them have emphasized – in a scientific way – the innate relational dimension that characterises the processes of Self construction and existential meaning-making of every human being.


Webinar in Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy

26/11/2021 3PM – 6PM (UTC+1) ENG – ITA

​​The webinar will offer an overview of the foundational theory of Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy, a revolutionary approach in which the patient and the therapist are both in front of a mirror and interact with their reflected image. This unique method is based on the integration of the latest neuroscience research with clinical findings supporting its effectiveness and validity.

In-person training
for psychologists and psycotherapists

If you’re looking for a hands-on experience that lets you practice what you learn with a greater level of interaction, check out our in-person training calendar. We usually schedule our sessions across various cities and during the weekend, helping our broad audience reach us from different parts of Europe. Book your place now – spots are limited.

Training in Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy

London, UK

This 9-day in-person training in Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy – a revolutionary method in which the patient and the therapist interact in front of a mirror – combines a comprehensive overview of MIMT theory with practical exercises, demonstrations, group discussions, mirror-work practice and video recordings of actual MIMT sessions.