A collection of premium courses for psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, social workers and clinicians

A premium collection of courses for psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and clinicians

Courses On-Demand
for psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, social workers and clinicians

Interested in taking a journey with us, learning new approaches and perfecting your professional skills? Discover our video courses, available to watch (and rewatch) any time you want, all the times you want – from your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Access all the benefits of advanced training from the comfort of your home or professional practice.

Training in Ego State Therapy

by Robin Shapiro

Heal simple and complex trauma in your clients using ego state therapy. Guide your clients to remain in the present using different techniques which are effective for a range of traumas, conditions and relationship issues.


Working with Parts of the Self in Therapy

by Janina Fisher, Leslie Greenberg, Hubert Hermans

Learn how to guide your clients in overcoming their unhealthy self-relationships using three powerful approaches. Deepen your understanding of your clients’ suffering and when to use each technique in their treatment.


Polyvagal Theory and its Clinical Applications

by Jan Winhall, Jonathan Baylin, Deb Dana, Stephen Porges, Dafna Lender

From the knowledge of a multitude of experts, learn about the Polyvagal theory in great depth. Discover how you can use it in a clinical setting to help your clients to overcome trauma and addiction related issues.


Working with Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors

by Janina Fisher

Develop your skills as a therapist by furthering your understanding of the sense of self in trauma survivors. Discover new techniques such as how to ‘un-blend’ and how to problem solve using duck therapy to advance your practice.


Making Psychotherapy Effective with Interpersonal Neurobiology

by Daniel Siegel

Become the mindful therapist with this all-encompassing, integrative workshop. Engage in Dr. Siegel’s specially designed awareness practice and master a trauma-informed approach to enhance your therapeutic practice.


The Hidden Nature of Sibling Sexual Abuse

by Christiane Sanderson

It is estimated that one third of sexual abuse is perpetrated by children, with some as young as four engaging in sexually harmful behaviour. Become a preventative figure through this potent and informative workshop.


Neural Desensitisation and Integration Training (NDIT) to Treat Trauma

by Jennifer Sweeton

Treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using a practical and client-centred approach. Help your clients to reconnect with their bodies and people, regulate their nervous system and gently process their trauma using techniques which target the main brain regions impacted by trauma.


The Neuroscience of Resilience

by Linda Graham

Help your clients to discover the resilience capabilities that are just out of their reach. Lead them in cultivating self-compassion and awareness with new techniques to overcome negative coping strategies, caused by early attachment experiences. 


Integrating Neurofeedback to Calm the Fear-Driven Brain

by Sebern F. Fisher

Delve into the repercussions of neglect and abuse on the brain to understand the role of neurofeedback in trauma-treatment. Advance your treatment approach for developmental trauma and fulfill the role of the ‘Other’ so that your client can form their sense of ‘Self’.


Theory and Treatment of Trauma

by Janina Fisher, Leslie Greenberg, Hubert Hermans

Deepen your knowledge and learn how to effectively treat your trauma patients both face-to-face and virtually. Delve into current research on the difficulties faced by patient and therapist in treating trauma and how to overcome them.


Healing Traumatic Wounds using a Brief Therapy Model

by Janina Fisher

Discover how to achieve therapeutic effects for trauma survivors using a brief therapy model. Teach your clients how to regulate arousal within the window of tolerance.

Jonathan Baylin, PhD

Improving Emotional Self-Regulation using The Polyvagal Model

by Jonathan Baylin

Discover the practical and wide-reaching applications of the Polyvagal Theory. Learn how to apply the theory in clinical problems and integrate brain-based knowledge into daily clinical practice. You will learn how to promote intentional state shifting and improve emotion regulation in your clients.


Emotional Healing: Unlock the Power of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT): Collection of Three Transformative Courses

by Leslie Greenberg

Workshop on resolving emotional injuries through an emotion-focused approach, helping clients let go and forgive. Includes practical interventions, empty chair dialogues, and understanding emotions.


Enactive trauma therapy: Raising Traumatized Individuals’ Power of Action

by Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis

Enactive trauma therapy heals trauma through collaborative action, aiming for shared meaning and results. Therapy is like a dance, with joy as the ultimate goal.


Linda Graham I The Resilience Mindset: The Neuroscience Of Coping With Disappointment, Difficulty, Even Disaster

by Linda Graham
Dealing effectively with challenges and crises is the core of resilience and well-being. Helping clients develop flexible and adaptive strategies for coping with everyday disappointments, existential dread, and extraordinary disasters is the heart of the therapeutic process. Helping clients harness the brain’s processes of change to rewire coping strategies that are defensive, dysfunctional, and blocking of growth, and to encode new more flexible patterns of response, is the focus of this workshop.

Managing World and Individual Crises – A Trauma Treatment Series

by Janina Fisher, Bonnie Goldstein, Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis, David S. Elliott, Anandi Janner Steffan, Diana Fosha, Ed Tronick, Ruth Lanius, Deb Dana, Vittorio Gallese

Acquire insights and techniques for working with trauma-impacted clients of all ages. Experts in trauma treatment discuss approaches for PTSD, crisis management, polyvagal theory for safety, connection and more.


Mindfulness and Compassion Collection

by Ron Siegel, Chris Willard

With this Collection lead by Ron Siegel and Chris Willard you will delve into the fundamentals of mindfulness and compassion. More then 27 hours to develop your confidence and understanding of how to use these techniques in your own practice.


Mindfulness and Compassion Practices in Psychotherapy

by Ron Siegel

Master the as remarkably powerful tools of mindfulness and compassion to augment virtually every form of psychotherapy. Learn how to tailor practices of focused attention, open monitoring, loving-kindness, compassion, and equanimity practices to fit the needs of particular individuals.


Online clinical supervision in group with Janina Fisher

by Janina Fisher

Learn from Janina Fisher, a renowned trauma expert, by watching her supervise 5 clinical cases. Enhance your clinical skills and effectively treat trauma.


Resolving Emotional Injuries and Undoing Emotion Blocks

by Leslie Greenberg

Almost all of our clients (and us) have experienced a violation of trust and the feelings of resentment that can linger long after. Take this course on transforming hurt feelings to forgive or let go, by grasping the practical interventions needed to help clients heal emotional wounds.


Revolutionising Trauma and Addiction Treatment with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™

by Jan Winhall

Addiction is a trauma response, not just a brain disease. Felt Sense Polyvagal Model integrates trauma/addiction treatment. Treat your client with this unique and highly effective approach in trauma/addiction therapy.


Schema Therapy in Action in English

by Alessandro Carmelita

In this 10-video course, Dr. Carmelita works with an actor to show the best way to face struggles that arise with complex patients.


Schema Therapy Step by Step

by Alessandro Carmelita

This course consists of 25 videos in which Dr. Alessandro Carmelita offers a step-by-step explanation of the Schema Therapy model and describes how to carry out assessment and therapy using this approach. Two exercises are also shown (an imaginative exercise and one with chair work).

Chris Willard

The Foundations of Self-Compassion for Post-Traumatic Growth

by Chris Willard

Give your client greater strength, resilience, wisdom and perspective. Be guided on a journey of transformation in the field of self-compassion and master how to create the conditions for post-traumatic growth and transformative resilience in this highly applicable workshop.


The Neurobiology of Relationships: Traumatic Attachment and Co-regulation

by Janina Fisher

This course will deepen your knowledge of traumatic attachment and the role of co-regulation. Become a better therapist by understanding your clients’ attachment style and becoming more mindful of how you influence them in therapy.


Using Imagery Exercises to Work with Parts in Therapy

by Alessandro Carmelita

Discover the powerful practice of incorporating imagery with neurobiology support to transform your clinical work into a more experiential practice, no matter your training and approach. Work on the emotional side of patients’ personalities in the here-and-now, to create a unique and customised experience for your patient.


Webinar Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy in English

by Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio

​​The webinar will offer an overview of the foundational theory of Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy, a revolutionary approach in which the patient and the therapist are both in front of a mirror and interact with their reflected image. This unique method is based on the integration of the latest neuroscience research with clinical findings supporting its effectiveness and validity.


Webinar Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy in Italian

by Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio

Il webinar offrirà una panoramica della teoria della Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy, un approccio all’avanguardia in cui il paziente e il terapeuta sono entrambi di fronte a uno specchio e interagiscono con la loro immagine riflessa. Questo metodo unico si basa sull’integrazione delle ultime ricerche delle neuroscienze con risultati clinici che supportano la sua efficacia e validità.


Working with Non-ordinary States in a Psychotherapeutic Setting

by Dr. Ronald D. Siegel

Learn how to treat your clients with techniques which may be alternative to your usual practice. Guide your clients to grow from their experiences with psychedelics and learn techniques derived from mindfulness and compassion.

A premium collection of courses for psychologists and psychotherapists


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