The Foundations of Self-Compassion for Post-Traumatic Growth

led by Chris Willard

Lead by an expert in the field, you will delve into the fundamentals of self-compassion, exploring and learning all that underpins this vital foundation for post-traumatic growth. Dr. Willard realised the importance of creating an environment in which his clients could thrive, not just survive. Informed by work in positive psychology, trauma, anthropology, neuroscience history, emotional intelligence, self-compassion and mindfulness, Dr. Willard shares with you his multi-faceted approach for fostering transformative resilience in clients.

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🪙 8 CPD/CE credits included in the price, no extra fees! 🪙
Whether you practice in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or any other country, our credits are valid for all the organizations. (Read more).



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After purchasing this product, you will be able to access your Dashboard and watch this course on-demand as many times as you wish, with no time limit.
After purchasing this product, you will be able to access your Dashboard and watch this course on-demand as many times as you wish, with no time limit.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the foundations of resilience and post-traumatic growth through establishing self-compassion.
  • Learn about the dysregulation of the nervous system with a focus on the neuroscience of stress and trauma.
  • Train in trauma-informed and evidence-based spiritual practices: visualisation; meditation; mindful eating and movement.
  • Gain practical tools, exercises and effective strategies to navigate adversity and empower clients with enhanced self-compassion.
  • Understand trauma awareness, sensitivity and support to effectively recognise clients’ emotions and ensure both client and therapist well-being.
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of human history in areas of resilience.
  • Cultivate compassionate client relationships, fostering healing and growth.
Course Breakdown:

Part 1: Introductory visualisation to understand mindfulness, compassion, resilience and more

In an ever-challenging world, therapists and clinicians must equip themselves with the necessary tools to help clients both survive and thrive. You will first be taken on a transformative journey and immersed in the exercises and tools that you will acquire to employ in future therapeutic setting.

Part 2: Understanding the nervous system and tools for regulation

Next you will investigate the mechanisms informing trauma responses and understand how to use different tools, such as the breath, as powerful means for regulation. You will learn the wider implications of lifestyle choices and acquire practical mindfulness methods to guide clients in making healthier choices.

Part 3: Practices in Positive Psychology

Positive psychology reveals the science of happiness, well-being and thriving, which will enable therapists to enhance clients’ overall resilience. Anthropology provides valuable insights into cultural and historical factors contributing to human resilience, fostering empathy and tailored interventions. You will explore this, and then delve into the neuroscience, leveraging neuroplasticity to support resilience and post-traumatic growth.

Part 4: Foundations of self-compassion and community healing

Finally, you will explore self-compassion as a key pillar, laying a solid foundation for personal growth and resilience. You will gain practical insights, integrating evidence-based exercises to guide clients in building and sustaining self-compassion in their daily lives, concluding by recognising the wider impacts on community.

Chris Willard

Dr. Chris Willard is a highly accomplished clinical psychologist, author, and consultant based in Massachusetts. With expertise in mindfulness and meditation, he has significantly impacted the mental health field, helping countless individuals and organisations enhance their well-being and resilience. As a sought-after speaker, Dr. Willard has shared his insights on mindfulness and mental health in thirty countries and presented at two TEDx events. His thought-provoking ideas have been featured in reputable publications, reflecting the profound influence of his work. Dr. Willard is a consultant to various organisations, including the Mindfulness in Education Network and the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. He assists schools and institutions in implementing mindfulness-based programs that foster emotional regulation, resilience, and optimal performance.


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The Foundations of Self-Compassion for Post-Traumatic Growth

Give your client greater strength, resilience, wisdom and perspective. Be guided on a journey of transformation in the field of self-compassion and master how to create the conditions for post-traumatic growth and transformative resilience in this highly applicable workshop.

🪙 8 CPD/CE credits included in the price, no extra fees! 🪙
Whether you practice in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or any other country, our credits are valid for all the organizations. (Read more).
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