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Online clinical supervision in group with Janina Fisher

Organised by: Alessandro Carmelita
Speakers: Janina Fisher

Janina Fisher supervised 5 clinical cases presented by 5 Therapists




First 50 tickets -50%
Next 100 tickets -30%
Next 100 tickets -15%
Price standard after these 250 tickets

If you have purchased a video course or participated in a workshop or training with Janina Fisher, organized by us or by any other educational institution, you were probably, fascinated by the great preparation and great clinical skills of a therapist considered internationally as an incredible expert in the treatment of trauma but not only.

Janina Fisher for the first time for our Institute will supervise 5 clinical cases presented by 5 Therapists,

If you want to be one of these therapists, we recommend that you register immediately by paying the specific amount to be able to explain your case. The description of the case must be made and sent to us no later than one week before the webinar starts.

If you just want to watch and possibly ask questions, sign up as a spectator and pay the amount for this mode

Please note that all on-demand courses will be available for online viewing as often as you like from our portal. Downloading of files is not permitted for copyright reasons..

A premium collection of courses for psychologists and psychotherapists


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