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Is it your first live webinar? Read our guidelines…

Step-by-step guidance on how to access and use zoom for one of our live webinars.
Written by Poppy S.

These guidelines will outline everything you need to know about accessing the live webinars at If you already feel confident using zoom, these guidelines will just help you to find the link and outline some general advice about how to approach our webinars.  If you haven’t had to download zoom yet, don’t feel disheartened, it’s super easy and we’ve outlined the process for you below!


Which devices can I join from?

You can watch the Webinar Live from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The minimal requirement is that your device has the Zoom Meeting app (read below for the installation instructions). For a better formative experience, we suggest you use a computer with a webcam and microphone. 


Do I have to install something to watch the webinar?

We use the Zoom Meeting software. Some devices will allow you to use a web-version of zoom which doesn’t require making a download but for full access to all the features we recommend using the downloaded version of zoom. It’s very quick and easy to do:  

  1. Click this link 
  2. Near the top of the screen you will find a heading titled ‘Resources’ – click this.  
  3. A menu will pop up, near the bottom is a button for the ‘Download Centre’ – click this 
  4. You will be taken to a page with a few different download options. Click ‘Download Desktop Client’  
  5. This should automatically start the download process and. When complete, the zoom icon should be visible on your desktop or downloads folder
  6. Simply open to start using zoom    
  7. For more info and support you can head to the zoom website 

If you’re joining from a smartphone or tablet all you need to do is download the zoom app from the app store.  


How do I join the live webinar?

To access the webinar simply click the “Click here for the link” button above. The button will appear 48 hours before the start of the event. Usually, we will welcome you into the webinar from around 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. You may be required to insert a meeting ID or passcode to enter. These will also be provided above.  


What do I do about my webcam and microphone?

We request that you mute your microphone upon entering the zoom and keep it muted for the duration of the event to minimise background noise.  

We welcome you to activate your webcam if you feel comfortable to do so to make the training experience more immersive.  


How do I ask questions?

If you have a question directed at the speaker, please use the ‘raise hand’ function on zoom. This is located under the ‘reaction’ button which can be found on the bar at the bottom of your screen. When the speaker is able to answer your question they will ask you to unmute so you can ask your question out loud.  

If you have a technical question e.g. the sound isn’t working, please type a message into the chat box and the moderator will assist you to fix your issue.  


How do I access materials?

Slides and other educational materials will be uploaded to the events page in your dashboard (the same page that you will find the zoom link).
If you have an issue accessing them please send a message to the moderator in the chat or via our Contact Form.


How do I get my CPD credits?

Please allow at least 10 days after the event has happened before requesting CPD credits. The CPD board requires some time to analyse the event recordings and award the certification. After this time has passed you can go to your dashboard and select the video course. At the bottom of the page you will find a quiz which you must answer correctly to be able to request your certificate.

Written by Poppy S.
December 13, 2023
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