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Christof Loose: Schema Therapy with Children

Introducing the incredible Christof Loose. Discover his specialised approach to schema therapy and get the opportunity to learn from him.
Written by Poppy S.

Introducing Christof Loose:

Here at Psychotherapy Courses, we are delighted to be welcoming Christof Loose to the stage. Leading expert in Schema therapy and an incredible teacher, Dr. Loose will be conducting an exclusive free Webinar on schema therapy for children and adolescents. There is a lot to be excited about. Keep reading for a sneak peek into what to expect!

What’s the Webinar about?

The webinar will be an exceptional way to learn age-appropriate therapeutic approaches for treating children and adolescents. Loose’s methodology has been specifically curated with young clients in mind and has had incredible success in treatment. In this particular course, Loose will demonstrate how a child’s frustration can cause negative emotions and how these can manifest into painful emotions. There will be a particular focus on protector modes (such as detachment, anger and hyperactivity) and the vulnerable child mode which, if not addresses, can prevent therapeutic progress. After this course you will be able to stop the suffering of your young clients like never before. The webinar will take place on the 19th and 20th of April but you can sign up now. Find out more here.

We also want to give you full access to the interview with Dr Loose and Psychotherapy Courses’ CEO Dr Carmelita to whet your appetite:

Christof Loose’s background:

Early career:

From a young age, Christof Loose has wanted to combine helping people and travel, two of his life’s goals, into his work. After working as a nurse in South America he decided to retrain in psychology and here his true passions were born.

Early on in his training Loose decided to specialise in therapy for children, he saw children as the biggest sufferers in the family unit. He believes that their dependence on their parents makes them vulnerable and saw many ways in which they could suffer due to this; sometimes the parents were even the root of the suffering.

The development of Schema therapy for children and adolescents

Loose trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but found that it was too cognitive, rational and formal for children and many weren’t receptive to it. He recognised very quickly that play is the language of children and that to get through to them, he would have to join their world and take on a more playful approach. Loose’s work began to head in the direction of schema therapy. In his approach he sees children as a ‘co-expert’ from whom we can learn. His emphasis is on guiding children to discover things for themselves, rather than telling them. Dr Loose has developed a unique form of play therapy in which he uses hand and finger puppets as an intervention. His webinar in April will teach you how this interventions can be used in your own practice find out more here.

Don’t forget about the caregiver!

While Loose was able to understand the specific needs of children in therapy, he also recognised that the parent’s needs had to be understood and met so that they were able to provide for their children.  For this reason, he took into consideration the shame and sense of failure felt by many parents as a result of their situation. By creating an approach which addressed both the child and the caregiver Loose was able to help the child and change the systems around them, which were the cause of their suffering. Therefore, it is loyal to the needs of the family as a whole – he helps families to understand and re-connect with each other.

Opportunities to learn about Schema therapy:

The main event!

Loose developed his teachings and techniques alongside colleagues in 2009 and has been using them ever since with great therapeutic success. His trainees find the method incredibly useful and you can too. So, join us for this exclusive webinar in April. Find out more and book your place here.

A refresher course:

If you are interested in the workshop but aren’t familiar with Schema therapy or just want to brush up on your knowledge before the course, we are offering our Schema Therapy step-by-step video course. This course is available now, it’s a great introduction to Schema therapy and the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of Schema ahead of the webinar with Christof Loose. Check it out here.

Schema therapy is the therapy of the future, it is effective for children, families and the self. So, get ahead and train now.

Written by Poppy S.
February 5, 2024
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