Deirdre Fay: Trauma and Attachment Theory

Be reminded of the people and feeling involved in therapy. Discover a more spiritual approach to trauma treatment.
Written by Bruna P.
Dierdre Fay

Introducing Deirdre Fay:

In a world that often places more importance on scientific and medical approaches to health, it is easy to forget that real people and feelings are involved. Deirdre Fay has perfected the art of combining trauma and attachment theory with spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation. Fay will be joined by three other trauma experts this May for an incredible 3-day event on personality, dissociation and compassion in clients with trauma. Accessible to all, you can join the event in-person or online.

What is the event about?

The main focus of the event is exploring a compassionate approach to the treatment of personality and dissociation disorders. First to speak will be Dr Janina Fisher who will discuss the phobia of vulnerability which is ever-present in modern, western society and how to work with avoidance. Then Dr Paul Gilbert and Dr Andrew Rayner will delve into compassion focused therapy, followed by Deirdre Fay who will present her toolbox of embodied practices to resolve triggers. Her workshop will explore a radically positive approach based on cutting edge integration of attachment theory, trauma treatment and ‘wisdom traditions’. Find out more about the event here.

In an exclusive interview, we asked her what personal experiences have inspired and shaped her path to where she is today. The full interview will only be available only to those who have purchased in-person or online tickets to the event.

Deirdre Fay’s background:

Early life:

Deirdre Fay was born in the US to an Irish father who had fought in World War 2. Though she had no doubt that her father loved her, it was not something he often said and she grew up feeling she was never enough. He had been raised in a culture in which shame was often the biggest tool used for communication.

Un-earthing trauma:

In her late 20s, Fay went to live at a yoga ashram, in search of life-meaning and love, where she remained for over six years. Though she initially felt safe and began to work on her spiritual connection, she one day made an unexpected discovery about herself. She un-earthed her own trauma history, one that she didn’t realise she was carrying. Issues of emotional neglect had arisen and Deirdre found that she could no longer meditate.

The development of her practice

After finding very little information on the connections between meditation and trauma, Fay decided to take matters into her own hands and returned to school to study it for herself. She found many others who shared similar experiences and so began to forge links between the psychological and spiritual self. Fay soon realised that people who ended up in therapy were often those who had never been shown curiosity or been attuned to in their childhood. As a result, they had developed a sense of self without truly being connected to their own inner building blocks and become stuck in the same toxic patterns. To overcome this Fay asserts that one must retrain the body, heart and mind to have a different experience by finding an anchor.

Opportunities to learn about trauma and attachment theory in combination with spiritual practices:

The main event!

Fay has been teaching since her days in the yoga ashram. She is now an established trainer and author of enlightening books such as ‘Becoming safely embodied: a guide to organize your mind, body and heart to feel secure in the world’ and ‘Attachment-based yoga & meditation for trauma recovery: Simple, safe and effective practices for therapy’. Find out more and secure your place on her training here.


Some refresher courses:

If you’d like to brush up on your knowledge before the main event we are offering our On-Demand video courses ‘Mindfulness and Compassion Practices’ at a discounted price for a limited time only, or we suggest taking the course ‘Attachment-based Expressive and Embodied Trauma Treatment for Children and Families’. 

Written by Bruna P.
March 16, 2024
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