Janina Fisher: Pioneering Trauma Insights

Who is Dr. Fisher and what are her contributions to the world of psychology? Find out below with an exciting opportunity to partake in her upcoming event.
Written by Ella T

Most famous for her innovative approach to trauma treatment and parts work therapy, Janina Fisher is an expert we are honoured to collaborate with at Psychotherapy Courses. In this blog we will explore Fisher’s notable background and her contributions to the field of psychology.

Dr. Fisher has worked alongside many others in the field of psychological trauma and is soon to combine her knowledge with that of Deirdre Fay (trauma therapist, international trainer and best-selling author), Paul Gilbert (founder of compassion focused therapy, CFT) and Andrew Rayner (specialist in the treatment of dissociative disorders with CFT) in their upcoming event on Personality, Dissociation and Compassion. Be sure to join us for this interactive collaboration on dissociation treatment, set to happen over the fourth weekend of May 2024, taking place both in Milan and online. Click here to find out more.


Who is Janina Fisher?

Dr. Janina Fisher is a psychologist, author and international expert on trauma treatment. Formerly working as an instructor at The Trauma Center, founded by Bessel van der Kolk, she is best known for her work on integrating mindfulness-based practices into trauma training and treatment. She has been taught by and trained alongside Judith Herman and Pat Ogden, as well as Bessel van der Kolk, three huge names and pioneers in the field of psychological trauma. Fisher credits her patients to be her most ‘powerful and gifted teachers’ and with the culmination of 40+ years of research and clinical practice, she created the Trauma-Informed Stabilisation Treatment (TIST).

What is Trauma-Informed Stabilisation Treatment (TIST)?

Fisher developed this therapy to address trauma-related self-destructive urges, suicidal ideation and addictive behaviour. Her understanding of trauma’s imprint making both a psychological and somatic impression influenced TIST’s creation and is foundational within the practice. You can train in TIST now with Janina Fisher, alongside Leslie Greenberg (known for his work in emotion focused therapy) and Hubert Hermans (creator of Dialogical Self Theory, DST) in the Janina Fisher training video courses available on-demand on our website:

Working with Parts of the Self in Therapy (9CPD) 8h 56mMP0016

Made up of three carefully crafted videos to provide you with the tools to repair you patient’s fragmented sense of self. With unique approaches from three experts in the field of psychological trauma, you will leave confident to treat your clients with whichever approach appropriate. Take a look at the course here.


Theory and Treatment of Trauma (28 CPD) 27h 52m

A compilation of courses creating the ultimate resource with everything you need to know about the neurobiology of trauma and the fractured sense of self. ThisMP0024 video course, worth a valuable 28 CPD/CE credits, provides specific approaches to target the shame, self-loathing and relationship complications as a result of trauma. Included are six of Fisher’s most acclaimed videos, the three from ‘Working with Parts of the Self in Therapy’ with Greenberg and Hermans, and two further videos with Fisher for free! Take a look here.

Janina Fisher’s books

In 2003, Fisher published her first book ‘Psychoeducational Aids for Treating Psychological Trauma’, a flip chart with 22 diagrams and charts summarising research and theoretical concepts in trauma treatment. Fisher intended this tool to be used in practice to help clients better understand their symptoms and engage more easily in treatment. An updated version was published inMP0018 2022. She is co-author with Pat Ogden of ‘Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Attachment’ and author of ‘Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Self-Alienation’ (2017) and ‘Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma: A Workbook for Survivors and Therapists’ (2021). From her expertise in working with the self-alienation experienced by trauma patients comes Fisher’s video course ‘Working with Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors’. Click here to discover how you can cultivate secure internal attachments within your clients.


Become part of Janina Fisher’s professional journey: to bring this holistic understanding of trauma to both clients and therapists. Learn that “the key to healing is not just knowing what happened but transforming how the mind, body, and soul still remember it.” – Janina Fisher

Browse all of Janina Fisher’s trauma video courses here.

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Written by Ella T
December 15, 2023
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