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Discover our Affiliate Program

With our new Affiliate program you can earn high commissions from the sales of our courses to your colleagues and friends, while sharing knowledge.
Written by Giulia M.

With our affiliate program, you can earn high commissions by sharing our video-courses with your contacts. You can send newsletters or emails and publish on your social networks using our link generation system.

How does Affiliation work:

Receive a percentage of all sales from the purchases your contacts make, by simply sharing a link with them while also sharing knowledge.

Earning percentage

The percentage varies depending on how much your contacts spend. It starts from 20% and goes all the way up to 30%:

  • Upon joining the affiliate program, you will earn 20%.
  • Once you exceed $5,000 in earnings from your commissions, the percentage will increase from 20% to 25%.
  • Once you exceed $15,000 in earnings from your commissions, the percentage will increase from 25% to 30%.

(If a product originally cost $200 and is currently on offer for 50%, so $100, your percentage gain (with the 20% percentage) will be $20.)

Payment of commissions

Payment of the monthly fees will be made (by bank transfer) between the 1st and the 1oth  of the following month. The amount will be sent gross and therefore any taxes and withholdings in your State of residence will be your responsibility depending on your personal tax status. Please note that the minimum payout amount is $200. If you do not reach this amount by the end of the month, the amount will be rolled over to the next month.

Refunded or failed orders

In the event of refunded orders the commission will be deducted from your total commission. In the event of failed orders, the commission will not be counted.

How to check your commissions

Ince in the Dashboard page ( you have access the full statistics. Simply click on the “Affiliate Dashboard” on the left side of the menu. Alternatively, copy and save the following link:

From your Dashboard you will be able to:

  • Dashboard Tab: check the overview of your commissions.
    • You will be able to check the total earnings (still to payout), the total paid out and the general balance.
    • You can check the actual commission rate, the conversion rate (the rapport between the visits and the earning) and the daily visits derived from your affiliates.
  • Commissions Tab: you can check the full list of purchases related to your affiliate links.
  • Visits Tab: you will be able to identify which visits converted to a purchase.
  • Payments Tab: you will have an overview of the previous payouts sent to your Bank Account
  • Link Generator Tab: copy and paste here your general referral URL, or generate a specific product page URL (suggested).
    Let’s look at these in more detail:

    • Affiliate ID: this is the unique ID related to your user. It is generated automatically from the system and will be included in the page links to assign the sale to you.
    • General Referral URL: using this URL (ex. you will redirect users to our Home Page with your affiliate ID already included. If the customers navigate to other pages and purchase one of the products in the store, their user’s browser cookies will store your ID and then assign the sale to you.
    • Custom Referral URL: this is the suggested solution if you are sending a Newsletter or publishing a post (organic or paid) about a specific product. Simply add the exact product page URL (for example in the input field Page URL and below it you will find the Referral URL (with your ID) to that specific page. If your affiliate ID is, for example, 375 the final referral URL of the product show in previous the example will turn into: The Custom URL generator will automatically add the your personal code ?ref=375 at the end of the link.
  • Settings Tab: set up your bank details and fill your notification preferences about commissions and payouts.

How to promote our video courses?

You can promote our video courses any way  you wish. You can send out newsletters, create organic and paid posts on social networks, create articles on your blog, and so on. You just have to follow a few simple rules in order not to violate our terms. In case of violation, we may suspend your account and freeze any outstanding commissions.


  • Do not promote our video courses with incorrect information as wrong duration, different CPD/CE credits provided etc.
  • Only promote our video courses to medical professionals or students.


If you have any further questions, please contact us via our contact form and a member of our staff will be happy to answer them.

Written by Giulia M.
August 16, 2023
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