CPD: Meaning and Certification

Have all your questions regarding CPD answered; what is CPD? What does CPD stand for? What is CPD for counsellors? And which countries use CPD accreditation?
Written by Poppy S.

The meaning of CPD:

In this blog you will learn what CPD means and how you can obtain CPD certification through the lens of counsellors and other mental health-based professions. So, let’s start with what CPD stands for: Continuing Professional Development. 

What is ‘continuing professional development’?

It means continuing to learn despite being qualified. By always striving to achieve a higher level of professional development, we help keep our society safe because professionals in different fields are fully up-to-date and competent in their job role. So continual professional development in the world of mental health means better protection and care for patients.

Why was CPD created?

In 1981 Jonathan Harris (CBE) realised the need for professionals to improve their skills, work and professional practice. Many places of work were already calling for their employees to complete a certain amount of training per year. In 1995 the institute for continuing professional development (CPD) was born as a way of quantifying learning and rewarding people for training.

CPD at Psychotherapy Courses

Here at Psychotherapy Courses we are committed to supporting your professional growth. We understand the importance of CPD and CE for clinicians like you. We work in partnership with The CPD Certification Service to provide you with the highest quality educational experience.

How does CPD work?

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can obtain CPD certification and some examples of great courses that we offer, where you can start earning credits.

What are the types of CPD courses/training?

CPD credits can be earned through online courses, seminars, lectures, webinars or workshops. Click here for an example of one of the CPD accredited courses that we offer; a lecture on ego-state therapy worth 19 points, it’s a great opportunity to get a big chunk of credits in one go. Expert Robin Shapiro is a fascinating speaker and teaches how ego state therapy can be used to treat a wide range of issues.

More on CPD points and CPD certification

The words ‘points’ and ‘credits’ are used interchangeably when talking about CPD. CPD credits are an internationally recognised unit. The number of points for each CPD course/training is usually determined by the hours spent learning.  If you’re looking for a specific number of credits to reach your goal, we offer a wide range of courses to help you fulfill this. For example; this course by Ron Siegel is 7 hours long, earning you 7 points and will enable you to confidently bring the tools of mindfulness and compassion back to your practice.

When you complete a course, we issue you with a CPD certificate. You can then log this online through the CPD website or sometimes through your employer.

Where is CPD certification recognised?

Each CPD credit can be converted into CE credits. Here at we cater to an international audience, find out where CPD is most commonly accepted.

Is CPD certification recognised in the UK?

CPD was created in the UK and is now recognised by most professional bodies in the UK.

Is CPD certification recognised in the US?

CPD accreditation is also recognised in the US but some bodies may request continuing education (CE) hours instead. You will receive the same amount of CPD as CE credits. For 6 CPD or CE credits  check out this course on a polyvagal approach to addiction, with Jan Winhall.

Is CPD recognised anywhere else?

CPD accreditation is accepted globally. It is recognised by professional bodies in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, India and the rest of Asia.

CPD for counselling and mental health

CPD is a really important aspect of many industries. The ever-changing nature of therapy and our external environment means that it is particularly important for counselors and mental health professional to keep educated.

What is CPD in counselling and mental health?

As counsellors and mental health professionals, we have to work with patients with varying conditions. It’s rare that a technique that works well for one of your patients will work for another. Though we undergo extensive training to get to the position we are in, there are always gaps in our knowledge that can be filled.

CPD allows for your continuous professional development to become the best possible practitioner you can be. Most professional bodies such as NACP and NCS require members to earn 30 CPD credits per year. Though this may seem a lot, it’s actually very easy to achieve. We have a comprehensive 29 credit course available on trauma treatment. This is available to take immediately and will earn you nearly all of your points in one go. Check it out here!

Why is CPD so important in this profession?

CPD is important as it allows us to protect people by maintaining the upmost professional standards, there is always an emphasis on ethics and safeguarding. CPD courses are incredibly varied, they are available for both existing and new psychological methods, concepts, theories, and instruments. Without CPD training, we would not have such a high quality of mental health treatment and care as we do today. So, start learning and earning. To obtain CPD or CE credits through our website choose a course from our wide range. After you have purchased and watched the full course you must answer a short quiz to test your knowledge. After you have completed the quiz with correct answers you will receive a certificate stating the CPD/CE credits that you have earned. Why not try this course on Polyvagal theory to start with.

Written by Poppy S.
October 31, 2023
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