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Level 2 Training in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

by Leslie Greenberg
4 day Webinar
from 6 July 2025


Take the Second Training Level, your next step to becoming an EFT Certified Therapist in this didactic and experiential Live Training Course. Advance the way you work and empower your traumatised clients to live vitally and adaptively by taking control of their emotions.

Gottman Belfast
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 Reviews

Training in the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy – First Level (2025 – Belfast)

by William Bumberry
2 day Webinar
from 10 April 2025


Dr. William Bumberry, Senior Certified Therapist and Trainer in the Gottman Method for couples therapy, will teach you the skills and tools from this highly effective approach. Join him in his engaging and one-of-a-kind training in John & Julie Gottman’s approach.


Clinical applications of attachment theory for working with adults, children and adolescents

by Una McCluskey
Una McCluskey
2 day Webinar
from 5 September 2024


Learn from Una McCluskey’s who’s successfully worked with more than 1,000 health care professionals to help them understand the care-seeking self, the care-providing self, the defensive self, the exploratory self that shares its interests, the sexual self, and the inner and outer environments that form their home base.


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