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EFT Therapy: What Is Emotion-Focused Therapy?
EFT Therapy is a therapy that focuses on emotion, and it sees emotion as the primary datum of human experience.
Polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges, what is?
Nervous System
What is The Polyvagal theory? Stephen Porges described the impact of safety, danger or threat on behaviour. He defined that …

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Alessandro Carmelita
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist with more than 20 years’ experience. During my working life, I have helped hundreds of people suffering from all kinds of psychological problems. I have also trained and supervised many new psychologists and psychotherapists.

Mirror Therapy

The Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy (MIMT) is a new-generation, advanced method created and delivered by me. Based on the latest studies into emotions and brain function, this revolutionary therapy happens in front of a mirror. 

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Psychotherapy Training by Alessandro Carmelita: discover my workshops and webinars
I’ve always believed that the psychotherapy training is a complex process that involves different aspects. I created an environment where …
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