A premium collection of courses for psychologists and psychotherapists
Alessandro Carmelita presents:

Courses for psychologists and psychotherapists

A collection of video courses, webinars and workshops dedicated to psychology and psychotherapy professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of new methods and their application. Dr. Carmelita’s approach combines elements from various kinds of therapy and his own professional and personal experience into a very “human” way of working with the patient involving mind, body, relationships and emotions.
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Mindfulness, Compassion, & Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: What Clinicians Need to Know About Non-Ordinary States

Created by: Alessandro Carmelita
Speakers: Dr. Ronald D. Siegel
You will learn how to use mindfulness and self-compassion practices along with other techniques to harness these healing mechanisms, while also gaining the knowledge necessary to help clients who might be experimenting with psychedelics to integrate and grow from their experiences.

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Alessandro Carmelita

Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Alessandro Carmelita started his professional education with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and later enriched it with elements from Mindfulness, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Accelerated Dynamic Experiential Psychotherapy, Schema Therapy and more. Experienced psychotherapist and trainer for fellow professionals, he also created and developed, together with Marina Cirio, Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy, a new revolutionary method using a large mirror.
A premium collection of courses for psychologists and psychotherapists


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